3D origami horse tutorial instruction

Video description

This video shows a detailed step by step assembly and a horse of origami pieces (modules). Can use a horse as a holiday symbol or totem at a meeting of the New in 2014, 2026, 2038 - the year of the blue wooden horse on the Chinese (oriental, eastern) calendar

We need:

752 White, 3 large white, 80 blue and 10 black triangular pieces.

How to make large pieces see more in this video.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Making two rows 24 white piece in each. First row - short side piece down. Second row - long side

Third row 24 piece long side down also


4th row: 26 pieces (additional pieces for symmetry better to add on opposite sides of the circle)

For this purpose, some pieces dress on one tail.

5th row 28 of pieces, from the 6th row to the 17th: 30 pieces in row

Making the horse's neck: 1st row: 8 pieces, 2nd: 7

3rd row neck: 8

4th row neck: 7

5th row neck: 8

6th row neck: 7

7th row neck: 8

8th row neck: 7

Finish 18th row of 17 pieces. Some pieces dress on three corner

Similarly do 19 row: 12 pieces, 20 row: 10 pieces

Making the horse's neck:

9 row: 6 pieces

10 row: 7 pieces

11 row: 6 pieces

12 row: 5

13 row: 6

14 row: 5

15 row: 6

16 row: 5

17 row: 6

18 row: 5

19 row: 6

20 row: 5

21 row: 6

22 row: 5

23 row: 6

24 row: 5

Flex neck horse

25 row: 4 pieces

26 row: 3 pieces

27 row: 2 pieces

Making 3 pieces double sized. (Our normal pieces 3.5 cm by 5 cm. Making 3 pieces 7 cm by 10 cm)

Bend these 3 pieces


horse's head ready

attach head

Making ears of conventional pieces

And glued ears. Head is also better glue

Out of the blue pieces do mane: one strip 18 pieces two strip - 16

Glue mane.

Making the front paw: 11 White pieces and 2 black (hooves). As a self-make black pieces See this link


black pieces attach WITHOUT glue

By analogy, but in mirror reflection making the second paw

Making hindpaw (Part 1): 1, 1, 2, 1

Making hindpaw (Part 2): 2, 1, 2, 1, 2

Making hindpaw (Part 3): 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2

Making hoof: 1, 2

Join together.

Hoof insert without glue, for then to can be easily regulate stability horses

Do under the scheme two hind legs

glue horse paws

to do tail three tapes: 9, 9, and 12 pieces respectively

attach tail

Blue Horse to celebrate the New 2014 or 2026 (the year of the blue wooden horse on the Eastern calendar, year of the horse) is ready!

And now you know how to make a horse in the art of 3D origami (modular origami). If you want to - consider this video master class for assembling such a horse.

Also you can see how to make other 3D origami